October 25, 2010

Barefoot Paths

Okay, NaNo was knocking, but now it is pounding! I am excited, but if I think about the deadline too much, I get nervous.

Gulp. What if I do not meet the word count? What if I get halfway there and put on the brakes wondering if my plot is strong enough? What if I begin doubting everything? What if... (okay, I am sure you get the gist of this.) Then, I go online and chat with my nano buddies and find they have the same qualms.

We are in this together, walking this NaNo path barefoot, each stone poking our confidence. Then Rain comes along and gives us sandals and Nic always has a refreshing glass of sweet tea to quench our thirst while we talk about plots, characters and telling each other how great we are. :)

With each of us encouraging the other, I am sure we will forget the silly, confidence-sucking questions nagging at the back of our minds.

Have a wonderful day, filled with characters who become real!


  1. Hiya, JM. :)
    You know how everything always reminds me of something else? (hee hee)

    Well, this reminds me of the Whos that lived on the speck of dust in "Horton Hears a Who".

    They had a great task before them - informing the elephant, Horton, that they existed, before the kangaroo and eagle destroyed them and their town.

    Horton heard their tiny Who voices, "We are here! We are here! We are here!", and protected them on a clover. Kangaroo had doubts of their existence and thought Horton had gone mad, but Horton was diligent and never gave up. Through all adversity, he still protected the dear Whos.

    The Whos gave their all and were finally heard by the kangaroo. The kangaroo then united with Horton, promising to protect the tiny Who nation.

    Wait - why did I say all that? Heck if I know. I forgot. Your post somehow reminded me of that wonderful Dr. Seuss story. Does it matter how? It's a wonderful story. 'Who' cares. LOL

    Just kidding, I didn't forget. (I crack myself up.)

    Us Nano-ers are part of Whoville, and we have fear of the time limit on our task--writing a novel in onLY 30 FREAKING DAYS! O-M-G!!

    (Sorry. Instantaneous, momentary insanity set in.

    Our friends are our Hortons--they hear us and understand. They encourage us to 'keep on keeping on'... and they all live happily ever after. ;)

  2. Awwwww, I'm hugging you, Summer. You're right, together we can do this.
    Rain :D

  3. Nic, your reply made me laugh out loud. Horton is freaking out too, and kangaroo is telling him to shuddup.
    All kidding aside, I love the comparison! You are quite a clever writer. :)

    Thanks for the hug. It felt great. :)

  4. Nano is the most freeing experience you will have as a writer in my opinion. :) Just don't edit as you go! If you are stuck one day, write the ending, or write a love scene, or write a middle cliffhanger! You can always go back and fill in around those parts. I'm excited too. Did you all know that the book 'Water for Elephants' is a Nano? :)


  5. Great advice as always, Laura! Thank you. :)