Author Bio

The author, J.M. Powers, harbors an alter ego of a normal woman named Jeannie. (Most people are  still on the fence about the 'normal' thing.)

Jeannie works a day job while J.M. creates new adventures in the romance genre. As a mom of five, she's proficient at gluten-free cooking, blurting out what's on her mind, and embarrassing her kids by wearing skinny jeans to the grocery store.
This not-so-normal-but-fun woman juggles work, raising teenagers, making her husband shake his head and grin despite her clumsiness, and of course…writing romance novels into the wee hours of the morning. She also has a tendency to forget to eat when she's writing.
Though the days can be hectic and schedules full, everything falls together without broken bones or hearts.

Though her publisher recently closed and all six of her books are in limbo, she refuses to give up.
Her characters are yelling at her to get them back out as soon as possible. They have all kinds of medieval weapons, so she is moving as fast as she can.
She will be back.


She's Baaaack!

Contract signed with Totally Entwined Group!

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