August 30, 2011

Reality? What’s That?

   I write in chaos. The phone rings, kids shout, someone belches the ABC’s, my laptop catches fire, but I am unaware of it all, because I am writing. Okay, so I made up that thing about my laptop, but it got your attention, right?
     That is what writing is about, getting your attention—and keeping it. I must have the same kind of focus to do that. I delve so deeply into my story that you I no longer hear what is going on around me. Yeah, most call that losing touch with reality, but I see it differently. I block out the world long enough to allow an idea to unfold and create a new reality.
     My latest release, Basket of Hope, should be unbelievable due to witches, warlocks and the magical world they live in—but it morphed into plausible while I wrote. Why? Because of the emotions from my characters Kara and Machias. The magic became secondary once I grew to care what would happen to them.  These two characters grabbed my attention, and I watched them fight for what they wanted.  Some call that crazy talk, but. I’m wagering every writer relates. At least I hope they do. (Anyone from Battysville General need not comment.)

     How do you feel about this subject? Do writers really need to delve into the depths of the worlds they create for their characters? Is it necessary to shut out reality for a little while so the author can spark the imagination of their readers?  Chime in and let me know what YOU think. 

I guest blogged this 8/15/11 on another blog..