September 27, 2013

Stealing a Moment to Happy Dance

Stolen Time is ready! Are you?

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After her plan to steal the Magic Stone goes awry, Margery accidentally travels to the future and is forced to reassess the true meaning of love. 
Margery's had it tough already, but recently her life has progressed from unbearable to Hell's teeth gnawing without mercy, when the only man she's ever loved is stolen away by an unwanted time traveler. After Margery's plan for revenge goes awry, she's thrust into the future and finds herself in a strange place, surrounded by horrid, massive, armored birds. The only bright spot is the strangely dressed, but handsome man offering to shelter her—at least until she can return to her own time and get on with her mission. 
George can't understand his instant attraction to the costumed stranger, much less his overwhelming desire to protect her and fulfill her every need. Despite her crazy talk of time travel and a magic stone, his attraction brews stronger than his morning coffee when they touch. But can George come to believe in magic before his newfound love flees back to her own time?


Margery feared her heart would shatter against her chest. It took but a moment to realize her plan had gone awry, and she was the one who had traveled. The stone was still clasped in her hand, Sage's hair tightly wound around it. What could have gone wrong? 

She tucked the stone away, then ran a hand along the cold armored walls on each side of her. Wedged tightly between them, she fought her panic and peered out. Nay, they were not walls, but large containers of some sort. Beyond her hiding place, gargantuan contraptions, like monstrous birds clad in armor, filled the building. Intense thunder and heat from nearby permeated the air and trembled through her body. Where was she? Hell? 
Men clad in yellow vests shouted over the din. She could not hear what they said, or if they even spoke her language. A whimper, felt more than heard, escaped her throat. Her palms, icy with fear, soon warmed as she vigorously rubbed the stone. 
"Bring me back," she whispered, crouched within the confines of the small space. She winced at the repetitious rat-ta-tat joining the other sounds. "Now!" 
She silenced when a man neared. He spoke into a hand-held box. If she could have screamed, she would have, but her mouth simply gaped open when a voice emitted from the box. Sorcery was at work here. Mayhap he was a sorcerer. What luck! 
She cautiously stepped from her hiding place, hoping he did not take her prisoner. Before she could say a word, he shouted above the din. 
"Holy shit! What the hell are you doing in here?" 
"Help me." The words spilled from her without a thought. 

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