September 30, 2013

Thoughts After Submission

Get your mind outta the gutter. I don't mean it that way. 

I'm talking about submitting a manuscript. 

I just sent my 'baby' to my editor. 
And what do I do next? I obsess. 

 I should've tweaked that scene for the twelfth time. Maybe I could have omitted that sentence, maybe even add or delete a whole paragraph? AGAIN. 

Help. I can't stop post-editing. 
Why oh why did I let my baby go?

Oh yeah. So I can allow the characters to live in the mind of readers. Or, at the least, my editor. 

So I've decided to work on the sequel. I love reading  series books. So l write'em too. Besides, a character in the book I submitted has a life to live.

 And I must write.
 And ramble.

I'm just gonna  take my mind away from my baby and create another. 
Put that submission out of my mind. No need to worry over things I have no control over. 

Yeah. Right.

Now I'm biting my nails...waiting is a bitch.

I'm starting my next book before I go crazier than I already am.


  1. I had every intention on leaving a teasing comment about making you wait *snickers* but then when I got to the "furiously typing" GIF I snorted + spit my coffee on my computer screen. Joke's on me, I guess! PS: Loving the new blog look ;)

    1. Ha. Yeah, I convulsed into giggles when I found that GIF. It's all your fault. You got me hooked on those damn things. Thanks for the feedback on my blogs new look. :) And still....I wait. :)