June 6, 2012

I Don't Get Mad...I Write About It

I live on an island, and love the community I live in. Everyone knows everyone--except in the spring and summer. Everything changes. "Off-Islanders" swarm to the amusement park, the nearby beach, and state park. The stores fill up, the gas station lines are longer and the traffic increases. I love this time of year, but the increase of people just feels like an invasion on my island. Today, I got a taste of another kind of invasion. Rudeness.

There's a neighborhood store right next door to the bank I work at.  Today, I forgot to bring my lunch, so I stopped in the store to purchase a yogurt.

Yogurt in hand, I approached the cashier. Not only did a wench cut me off with a cartload, she smirked and nearly ran over my toes. I wanted to use the B word, and I'm not talking about beautiful. My fifteen minute  lunch break ticked away as I watched her to empty her cart... charcoal, lighter fluid, paper plates, cups, water, cat food, paper towels, cleaning supplies, 15 tubes of toothpaste, (who needs that much toothpaste?) and then she WALKED AWAY, saying she forgot something.  

Just when the cashier motioned me over to ring up my one item, the woman came running up, cutting me off again and slapped a pair of flip-flops and sunscreen on the counter. I guess she was going to the nearby beach with her fifteen tubes of toothpaste. 

Therefore, being a decent person, the cashier kindly told the customer she was going to go ahead and ring me up real quick. 

The woman put her hand on her hip, jerked her neck, reminiscent of the seagulls that hunt for garbage in the parking lot, and glared at the cashier. Then she squawked, "No. I was here first."


I mentally started writing the rude woman into my next story:  A bank teller pours yogurt over a mean, seagull bobbing, squawking rude woman's head—then slaps a dollar on the counter and storms away. Heck with lunch. My character gets revenge.

I should wear a t-shirt: Be forewarned. I am an author. If you are rude, cruel, or just plain nasty I will write you into my next book—as a villain. Just saying....

Have you ever had such an experience? What did you do? Chime in; I'd love to know.


  1. OMG! Don't get me started on rude people in the grocery store! lol I've had a lady cut in front of me saying, "I've only got two items." I was so dumbfounded I didn't even say anything! Believe me, I thought of all kinds of stuff to say as I was driving home. It's always like that, isn't it? lol

  2. I had an experience similar but the woman was behind me and was literally pushing me forward so her items could be scanned. Problem was I hadn't paid for my food and refused to do so until she backed up. I feel your pain JM.

  3. Well I can tell you that I wouldn't have been so nice. And yes, most wenches that are rude getting written about in the next book, ahhh the sweet sweet revenge of being an author... Authors - Don't piss us off, you will come to an unfortunate end...

  4. Ha, all the comments made me feel so much better!
    C.E.Hart: Yep, we ALWAYS think of a clever thing to quip after we are out of the situation. :)

    Naomi: You know what? You should have counted out your money v--e--r--y slowly. Then hunted for exact change. Lmao

    Nevea: I'm not nice. Lmao. If I didn't have my bank name tag on, I have a feeling I would have told her off AND written about it. haha.