June 4, 2012

Blissfully Weird

Previously posted on my guest appearance at Laptops and Lingerie 
Have you ever been out somewhere and witnessed someone acting a little weird? More often than not, you are watching a writer's mind displaying itself in public.
How do I know this? Because I've received the following reactions: 

The old smile, head shake and giggle.  I was supposed to be listening at an employee meeting but I was thinking about a customer who visited my teller window earlier that day. He had clear blue eyes that I spotted even though he was waiting at the end of the line. Now, those eyes sparked an idea for a new story in my Magic Stone Series.  When my boss asked a question, I snapped back to reality and received the said smile and head shake. The giggle came later...when I told her about cutie-blue-eyes and how he would make a great character. Then she gave me yet another head shake.

The dreaded side-eye. I've gotten this a lot, but an incident at a coffee house was the most memorable. I was hanging out with my best friend, doing normal stuff like flushing out story plots while consuming vast amounts of caffeine. (Okay, you just shook your head didn't you?) Anyway... A guy spilled his coffee at the next table. The look on his face was so comical I giggled; hence the dreaded side-eye.  I apologized through my fit off giggles and proceeded to write on a napkin instead of offering one to wipe the mess. Okay, don’t judge me. I couldn’t help myself. 

People openly laugh and point at me. I deserve it. I've done stuff like write snippets of a conversation on my arm with eyeliner so I wouldn't forget it. Where is pen and paper when I need them?

Why do I tell you this? To give you a little insight into the writer’s mind. Well, mine anyway.  Don’t commit me.  I’m just creating new scenes, characters and worlds for you to enjoy. If it takes head shakes, side-eyes and pointing, I’m willing to be the recipient in order to follow my bliss.

 By the way, I married the guy in the coffee shop years later.

If you're a writer, please share weird stuff you've done in the name of creativity. If you're someone that's witnessed odd antics (usually in a coffee shop--a usual writer's haunt) please share. We all need a smile...or head shake. 

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