March 4, 2012

I'm a Writer Dammit!

Oh yeah, it took way too long, but I now realize that not everyone understands me--or why I find it necessary to write a list of how my mind works.

Just the same...take a look and tell me if you understand/relate to any of the things below. I'd love to see if anyone out there is as crazy as this author. Grin.
  1. My fingers are at home on the keyboard of my laptop. Some of the letters are worn off of the keys. I write for hours on end. 
  2. I don't even know that hours have passed. I've intended to do "a few edits" or "reread a chapter" and find out that the night turned to day and I forgot to go to bed. I'm not kidding. 
  3. I write so long, I end up with a numb butt. When I stand,  knees crack, and I have to stretch a moment in order to stand like a woman my age instead of a stooped old lady. At that moment, I realize I have to pee--desperately. 
  4. It may have been the medication, but after surgery I scribbled down notes about how I felt so I could write believably about pain.
  5.  I've stood in snow so long I was just shy of freezing. Why? I had to write about it in a scene and I wanted my reader to feel it too. I know, weird right?
  6. My characters become real. No, I mean it. Don't commit me. 
  7. Every single aspect of day to day life is a seed for a new story, be it a snippet of conversation, a look or even a smell. 
  8. Without my daily outlet of creating, there's no telling what could happen, so I don't try to find out. I have to write...then again, if I didn't, I'd have a clean house, laundry would be caught up, the butt-indent on my couch would disappear, and I'd probably eat more. 
  9. When I sleep, I sometimes dream about my characters. Many great ideas come from those dreams.
  10. Sometimes my  "author world" is a bit lonely. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm surrounded by people who love and support me. They congratulate me with a "Oh that's so nice!" with each contract. But they do not really understand the pure bliss of completing a book, or the joy of knowing I made a reader laugh, cry, or simply release a happy sigh. They do not understand the pain of edits, or the reason why just any picture will not do for cover art,or even why I write. All in all, I am a misunderstood creature. 
  11. I am perfectly happy being different.

I'm a writer, dammit. And I certainly don't expect anyone to understand me. (Unless, of course, you're a writer too.)

(You are welcome to add to the list of crazies in the comment section! )

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  1. I relate to most of what you said, J.M. There is a certain isolation I experience as a writer/author. It's an isolation of my own making, but it still affects me. Sometimes I find the world of my characters so intriguing that I have to remind myself to live in MY present moment, and take a step away from my characters' worlds and minds. It so easy to get sucked into your characters. And yes, daily routines sometimes get neglected in the process. When I've completed a story, suddenly I come back to the world, my world, take a deep breath and realize all the things I need to tend to that are right in front of me instead of in a document.

  2. So I AM insane. (sigh) At least I'm not alone in it.

  3. Yes are insane. That is what I love about you. :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Milana, (love the name btw) I appreciate your input. I see I'm not alone when it comes to the isolation. You are SO right about having to remind yourself that there is a world outside of writing.

  5. I feel you J.M. Sometimes I feel that writing is too lonely a world. I do tend to let things go when I'm writing. Right now I have things to submit but an't because of my situation. I cannot wait to let my creative side loose again. Great poat.

  6. Serenity,
    All's okay now I hope? Hugs to you either way.

    I know what you mean about the creative side hampered and all. When I was in the hospital I was going through writing withdrawal. If it hadn't been for a great writer friend finally writing a few things down for me I would've gone nuts--well nuttier.
    (You know how it is. You gotta hurry up and jot it down or GASP you'll forget that great idea for the next novel!)

    Get better, Serenity. You have a lot of peeps that care.

  7. Loved it JM... We are all in some cases certifiable, but at least we won't be lonely, we can be nuts together... A big can of mixed nuts...

  8. I totally relate to what you're saying.

  9. It's a lonely existence as a can ever KNOW how YOU (the Writer) feels in that moment as you write a scene that breaks your heart, makes you laugh out loud or shimmy in excitement...we're as crazy as you JM!

    The Jeanie :)

  10. Jeanie,
    Ah, I'm not lonely anymore! Imagine that. All of us writers are the glue that holds the pages of a book together...uh...did that make sense? I'm sleep deprived. AGAIN. :)

  11. So when I have a good weep about a character or a rather dodgy sex dream about another, I'll know I'm not alone. Sharing is caring. Sigh...

  12. Dodgy sex dream cracked me up, Billy! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hey! Stopping by to say hello to you! Love your site. And are prolific! I had a chuckle over your #6 point..."Writers become readl. No, I mean it." You are NOT ALONE! I dreamed that I was in a bar with two of mine, having a beer!
    Sigh, it's great to know that I'm not the only crazy out there.
    Happy writing!
    Carol Anne

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  15. Hey Carol Anne!
    I think I was there, except I was having a Mojito. lol.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. We must be twins. ;) I can certainly relate. all except
    #4 (I haven't had my surgery yet, but after I do I'll think about doing this.)
    #5. (it rarely snows here, and when it does, it's difficult to stand in a light dusting and gain anything other than muddy shoes.)

    Happy (and all other emotions) writing, JM!

  17. Hello "twin" !

    Yeah, the surgery one...I could have added: I hope this doesn't happen to you!

    Lucky you--no snow. Sigh. Well at least I had a very mild winter. Spring has actually sprung here! Warm and sunny today!
    Really weird weather, but I am not complaining.

  18. Oh my,

    I stumbled across this and I can totally relate to your list.

    It snows such a little here, which is a good thing, but I lived 5 years in AK so had my fill there. But I know how it is to feel what you want to incorporate into writing. I once took a fencing class just so I knew what it was like to wield a sword for a scene I wanted to write.

    And yes I can totally relate to forgetting to go to bed because you're so busy writing. I've stayed up three days in a row on several occasions.

    And I always have a numb butt and realize I have to pee so bad. That made me smile.

    When I had my emergency surgery last year, that fit as well, although I'd never wish surgery on anybody.

    My dreams are too wild to even go into it. Other people think I live in a fantasy world and my husband and friends sure don't understand me. It's nice to know there are other crazies like me out there.

    I loved your post.

  19. Well Sunni, I'm thrilled you "stumbled" onto my blog. Isn't it nice to hang out with other crazies? Actually, I would prefer the term "creative" or "full of ideas". haha. I used to think I was the only one that does the things I do because of writing. Hm...I think that last sentence needs an edit, but you know what I mean, right?
    Anyway...Last week I wrote about the life of a writer on Laptops and Lingerie blog. It is more about the way the general public reactions to my antics. It's all true. haha.
    I hope to hear from you again. I'll be posting about a real life dream I had--that led into a full-length novel. Yeah, seeing you stayed up three days straight will relate. ha!
    BTW my nickname is Summer. (Sunni...Summer...sounds like we truly think alike.) :) Okay, I rambled enough. I think it's the caffeine
    I ingested.

  20. Noted your comments at LinkedIn and thought I'd check out your blog. Rather sparsely posted, but good content.

    And yes I can related to most of what you're saying here about being a writer. I've always been rather different and have gotten used to it. Different can be very interesting.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  21. Thanks for your input, Arlee! It was so sweet of you to come on over from LinkedIn! Yes, you are so right about the sparse amount of posts. This blog is in the process of an overhaul--I didn't make that very clear at LinkedIn because I was focused on giving feedback on what I've learned about setting up a blog.
    I took a lot of earlier posts out, and plan to post more often now that I finally got the format down.
    Again, I appreciate you stopping by!
    You are so right--Different is a good thing. :) You made me smile.