February 11, 2012

This interviewer is insane--in a good way

C.E. Hart.
You may have heard of her. She does book reviews, blogs, and interviews people in the writing world. Not your run-of-the-mill interviews either. They are witty and entertaining. C.E. assures guests on her blog feel welcome--and, as she did me--surprises us with her wit.

Now, most writer's are a bit loony, (oh stop looking so shocked. You know it's true!) Ms. Hart hones in to that kooky quality in all of us, and then tickles it until we spill our deepest secrets about our writing, and in the process, makes everyone want to know more. Thus, the readers buy more, and everyone is happy. Looks like this woman is gonna be rising quick.

She writes sweet romances too. Be on the lookout for her work. (Piper's Passion Cookies buy link is here on my blog.)

All in all, C.E. Hart rocks. Someday I might even interview her! Oh to be so lucky. Sigh.

Take a look at her blog. You'll love her too.

P.S. (Talking about lucky--I was interviewed by this woman. Grin.)

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