March 29, 2011

On the road ... Again

Okay, I told you I would share my writing journey and wow, what a ride this is.

Key in ignition: A publisher accepts my novel, Jewel of Ramstone.

Turn the key: Sign the contract and start plowing through the paperwork.

Full speed ahead: My hair looks like it does in those shampoo commercials while it blows in the wind, (I have a convertible in my pretend world.)

Tune into country music: Singing at the top of my lungs, I press a little harder of the pedal to beat a yellow light. Checking my GPS, I take the first turn into the neighborhood of editors, proofreaders, and cover artists.

Slam on my brakes: And again, a publisher jumps into my path. Luckily, I have quick reflexes.

Said publisher sticks a ticket under my windshield wiper: Wait! That's not a ticket--it's a contract for my other book, Basket of Hope! (No, I am not kidding.)

I rev up my engines: Yeah, like in the fifties movies. Brrm … Brrumm.

I wave to my fellow Wench Writers: Nic, Rain and Pamela all hop in my convertible. (We're screaming like maniacs and pouring champagne on each other by now.)

I peel rubber: Gripping the steering wheel with a huge smile on my face, I listen to my wenches sing to the blaring radio. (Seeing as I am writing this, I just decided to add a hot guy for each of us--Jac, Galeron, Blake and Iain.) Um… this convertible is getting crowded.

This is just the beginning of the journey, and I'm not slowing down. If the authorities pull me over for speeding, I'll just edit that part out of my story. I am a writer after all.


  1. What a neat analogy. You truly ARE a writer. Good luck with everything :)

  2. So jealous that I don't have a seat in your convertible. Oh well, I'll just have to follow you in my Dodge Super Cab with my cowboy Rafe and his best friend Cord. Whew! Excuse me while I turn up the AC.

  3. Wheeeee... What a fun ride! Oh - maybe next time you should wait to type on your blog until AFTER you park the car. Swerving all over the road doesn't mix well with all this cha champagne. ;)

    And don't be so quick to write those cops out of the story. From my view in the back seat - they look pretty cute!

    @ Elle - Feel free to join in! We can squeeze you in. And bring Rafe and Cord along.

  4. Joanie:I can't wait to see your story published. You are a fantastic writer. :)

    Elle: I want to meet those guys in your truck. :)

    Nic: As usual, you made me bust out laughing.

  5. hi jm-
    just a head's up-the link to your site is working on mine so visitors won't have to cut/paste-
    BTW, delighted you're posting @
    Your road to publication inspires!

  6. Thank you, Marla! Appreciate the link! Thanks for visting my blog. :)

  7. Hey Teeny! I thought you would like your riding partner, Blake. You created him after all! :)

  8. On a different note...

    Love the blog makeover! The purple is really nice, and the hummingbirds are so cool. It really looks nice :)


  9. Joanie, I just saw your comment. I love purple, so I figured I would put a bit of it on my blog--okay, a LOT of it.