June 1, 2014


Say awkward out loud. Doesn't that word sound awkward? Yesterday, I discovered if I said the word  awkward enough times, it didn't resemble a word at all! It just reminded me of a deranged crow. Giggling at the thought, I kept repeating it. Then...

my neighbor peeked over my privacy fence.

I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. It was in those precarious moments of near-dampness that I realized I AM AWKWARD. Other than the fact I act like an idiot in public, here's proof of that deduction:

I am clumsy...
...and clumsy on top of clumsy.

I do weird stuff for no reason....
...and find joy in doing so.

I blurt stuff like: 

 Libraries remind me of explosions from a fairy's imagination.
Yeah, that sounded better in my head.

That's all I'm divulging...for now. People have a challenge understanding me as it is.

Can you relate? If so, what are some of your awkward traits?

Blog comments welcome...
...even awk-awk-awkward ones.

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