July 26, 2013

Book Giveaway

I often wondered about book giveaways on blogs. Do they help sales, or does one enter simply to get a free book, never to visit the blog again?

Well, I'm taking a chance on you. I'm certain once you read the first book in my Magic Stone Series, you will want to read them all. This in mind, I am offering a chance to win a copy.

Thanks to BREATHLESS PRESS and their staff of amazing editors, proofers, cover artists and more, I am thrilled with this new and improved edition, For All Time.  And there's more news! The Magic Stone series--all three books-- is accepted by Breathless Press.

Now, for book one:

When Sage stumbles across a man hanging by his coat in a tree, she's torn between fear and curiosity. He introduces himself as Sir Cade, and though his English accent sends a tingle through her, Sage finds his Renaissance clothing and archaic choice of words odd. An accidental touch sends a jolt of inexplicable electricity through her and after they kiss, Sage finds herself on an enchanted adventure filled with medieval mayhem and the possibility of a new life. Will Sage go out on a limb and believe in the magic he professes? Or will she remain rooted to her time without him?

Sage slowly opened her eyes, ready to tell him how she felt, no matter the consequence. Damn all doubt, damn all sensibility. This was the connection she read about in romance books and always hoped was more than fictional dreams of the author. 
A chill blasted through her, shooting her eyes wide open. A cry of disbelief escaped her throat. The nature reserve, the warmth of summer, the smell of the damp leaves on the ground, the sound of wildlife no longer surrounded them. Instead, she heard the clatter of...hooves? Was that a horse that just passed? Was she dreaming? Had she fallen in the woods and hit her head? That must be it. But that didn’t explain the cold—the bitter chill biting her skin was too real. 
“What... Where... How...? Well, crap!” She couldn’t put a sentence together. She scanned her surroundings. They stood at the mouth of an alley, the echoes of laughter fading on the other side of the lane. 

In front of her lay a village. Snow softened roughhewn buildings, breath froze in front of peoples’ faces and lingered in the air. A toothless man selling an assortment of trinkets from a cart looked up at her. A woman, dressed as if she came out of a storybook—a medieval fairytale—turned from the cart to see what caught his attention. The scenes flashed before her, none making sense. A man crossed the narrow, slushy street, his cape fluttering in the wind. She squinted through the flakes to watch him approach and caught his intense gaze. He didn’t take his eyes off her once. Why was he staring her like that?
 “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.” She tugged Cade’s sleeve. “What just happened? Who the hell is he?”
Despite the smile on his face, the man and his unflinching stare still looked menacing. “Tell me this isn’t real.”
 “Fear not, he is my friend.” He ran his hand up her back. “And this is reality.”

Comment below, and become a follower of my blog to win a chance at a copy. (Be sure to leave contact info!) Winner will be announced on August 3, 2013.

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  1. I'm not entering the contest because I already have the book and loved it!

    I really enjoyed Sage and her journey. This is a fun, touching, and satisfying read. :)