January 10, 2013

Time to Kick the Bucket and Spill The Contents

We all have bucket lists, right? Okay, so maybe everyone doesn't have one written down, but I bet the majority of you out there at least have one nestled in your thoughts somewhere.

I was reading about bucket lists on Five for Fiction and it got me to thinking about the top five things I want to do before I kick that proverbial bucket. I believe if I list them here, I'm held accountable. (Yikey.)

Some have to do with my writing dreams--correction--goals.

Get one of the "big time" publishers to notice me. (Jumping up and down waving my arms didn't work, so I figured polishing my craft was a better way to go.)

I believe the sleep deprivation, wearing off the letters on my keyboard, and constant growth in my craft won't go unrewarded. The only difference between me and those who have reached the dream of the New York Times Bestseller list is time and determination. It will happen.

A smaller, yet important goal is to narrow down my focus. I have four...err...five different books in progress. Who else does that?  If you're a writer, let me know how you focus on one manuscript at a time.

Other things on my list are...well, more personal.

As a mother of an autistic child, I strive to instill hope for every parent whose child is diagnosed with Autism.  Mixing hope and humor is a healing start. I can reach out to more people through writing about my experiences and what I've learned.  (See above--yet another work in progress.)

To round out my list, here are things I want to do for myself...hey, we all should love ourselves enough to follow a whimsy or two, right?

Visit Italy with my sister
Tour a Castle in England
Create a writing nook in my attic

I will update from time to time--that way I will meet these goals. And eventually follow the dreams.

What's on your list? And why does that remind me of the tag line in a television commercial, "What's in your wallet?" (I think I just figured out why I have so many works in progress.)


  1. Thanks for the shout out for Five for Fiction, JM!

    I love your bucket list. So positive and promising. :) I have a ga-zillion things on my list, so I'll just share the one I'm currently working on:

    With a "Bird on a Wire" theme, I'll be bringing the outdoors in. My family gifted me much of what I needed (okay...wanted) for Christmas and I'm off to purchase paint tomorrow. I'm itching to start on painting this weekend.

    Funny that "what's on your list" reminded you of "what's in your wallet." It reminded me of "What do you want on your tombstone." heh.

    Here's a toast to making dreams happen, JM. CHEERS! (or CIN CIN -- an Italian cheer.)


  2. Ha! Tombstone. Thanks for that CE! It's nice to be crazy with someone. lol.
    CIN CIN! (I like that! I'm gonna use it in Italy)

    I can't wait to see your writing room--are you going to post pictures online?

    Thanks for stopping by! (I noticed you promoted my post on your facebook--thanks for that too!)