June 12, 2011

Cover Art~Basket of Hope~Breathless Press Publishing

The happiness of seeing my first cover (Stellar Surprise) still brings a smile even though that was over a year ago. Apparently that joy never dims with subsequent covers because I did a happy dance upon receiving this one the other day: 
Victoria Miller is the cover artist. She certainly worked her magic with this cover, which is quite fitting really, because there is a lot of mystical stuff going on between the pages. 

Victoria and I worked closely, but this woman took my suggestions and brought the characters from my mind's eye to a fantastic cover.

I bow down to her." Ah! Queen Victoria, you rule the world of cover art!"  (Okay, so she said I didn't have to bow unless I wanted to, but this artist rocks!)

In my opinion, cover art is a close second to signing a publishing contract. Please share what your top three joys are about writing. I'd LOVE to hear about them.
All my best to each of you,
J.M. Powers 


  1. 1. Meeting fabulous characters who grow and develop in my wacky brain.

    2. Being surprised by how the characters make their own decisions and go down paths I didn't even know were there!

    3. Having others enjoy my work.


    Love the cover to Basket of Hope. Victoria did a fabulous job. :)


  2. Beautiful cover!!! Loving the look of your hunky hero. YUMMY!

  3. LOVE the cover!!!
    I like what Hart said in #2...who knew our own stories and characters could surprise us?
    But mostly my favorite thing about writing is that the heroine never ends up with the wrong man when it's your own story! :-)

  4. Looking good there...

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone!