November 6, 2010

Non-stop Nudging Nano

I sip my coffee, in-between applying makeup, thinking of how Jules would look into a mirror from a wheelchair. (I must incorporate a hand held compact in that chapter).
I lay out my work clothes, dreaming up how her best friend, Rachel, dresses.
When my husband is frustrated about something I have to hide my grin. He is so handsome when he is frustrated. I make a mental note to incorporate the same expression on my character, Ryan.
 Every waking moment is infiltrated with book ideas. Does that make me wacky? Well maybe, but at least it also makes me a writer, a dreamer and a creator.

Undeterred by my lack of word count yesterday, I woke this morning before anyone else and jumped into the world of Steps and Stones. (That sounds painful, but you know what I mean.)
I didn't realize my husband refilled my coffee cup until he sat it beside me. At that point I heard footsteps upstairs, the T.V. blaring and laughter from my family. 
 Hours passed and I didn't realize the rest of the family awoke and made me breakfast. (Waffles in case you are wondering.)
 I get lost in whatever world I am creating at the time and hubby accepts that, filling my coffee, and kissing the top of my head before leaving. (The patience Ryan displays in the story is ... well, much like by husband.)  Do you see why I write romance?
Waffles and love, what more could one want?
Whipped cream ... on my leading character in my book. Oh my.


  1. Does that make you wacky? No, my dear. You were wacky WAY before Nano. ;)

    I want waffles!!!


  2. God I love a man who can make waffles and wear whip cream with pinash, lol.

    This is my favourite part of writing, getting into the minds of my characters and dragging them everywhere with me. Finding out more background on them than will ever be used. Making them my friends, my enemies, my kids...sigh, I love it. Glad to hear you like the new gang you're rolling with, that always makes for the best books.

    Rain :D